Sikkim is the smallest state of India which has become a part and state of India in the year of 1975. It is concealed by the rugged earth of the Himalayas. Although small, the state of Sikkim happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of India. Sikkim is divided in four regions i.e. North Sikkim, South Sikkim, East Sikkim, and West Sikkim which has many wonderful places to visit. Surrounded by Nepal in west and Bhutan in east Sikkim is an important passageway to India from these countries. But the formidable terrain topography gets dangerous sometimes due to the heavy rainfall it bears minimum once a year. But still the place is one of the most popular tourist places in the world.


The word Namchi means ‘ The Sky’. So the Namchi of Sikkim is situated at a high elevation that it seems that it could scrape the sky. It is located in Southern part of Sikkim at a height more than 1200 meters.

Pelling is a little hill town with a chilly and misty weather. The little town is famous because it provides an amazing view of the mountain range of eastern Himalayas including the Kanchenjungha.

located at an elevation of almost 4500 meters high. The pass of Nathu La is the mountainous route to connect between Sikkim and Tibet.

The Baba Mandir or Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir is located at Nathu La pass and is names after the Indian Martyr Soldier Harbhajan Singh who is known to be the Hero of Nathu La. The temple is maintained by the Indian army and there are many myths about the spiritual function in and around the temple.

The Chhangu lake or the Tsomgo lake is one of the most beautiful glacier lakes of Sikkim as well as of India. It is great to look at and at the time of winter, the stagnant water freezes and the smooth surface becomes a popular ice skating platform. Tsomgo Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sikkim.

Yuksum was the former capital of Sikkim and it is located in the western part of Sikkim. It is famous for the historic components and beautiful natural architecture.

Gurudongmar lake is a beautiful glacier lake of Sikkim with an amazing view of a water body which is blazingly blue in color. It is one of the lakes situated at such a height in the world.

The Dharmachakra Center or the Rumtek Monastery is located near Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. It is one of the most famous monasteries in India for its rich history and historical belongings.

The silk route is the ancient mountainous way of Asia which connected the south Asian countries and through which, silk from China used to be traded in the previous times.