Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and called "The Gateway to Nepal" and "Gateway of Mount Everest" . Whenever everyone who has come to visit Nepal think of Kathmandu, the 1st perception he carries on his mind is the attractions of Kathmandu and also its unique way of life.

Swayambhunath Stupa

A gold colored spire crowning conical wooded hills , Swayambhunath Stupa is one among the most traditional and enigmatic of every the mysterious shrines in Kathmandu valley. Its extreme white colored dome and glittering golden spire are popular for many people miles and from every one side of the valley.

Pashupatinath , or Pashupati , is an essential Hindu temple in Kathmandu Capital city, the capital city of Nepal . Found on the banks of the Bagmati Waterway various three kilometers from the center of the area , Pashupatinath is specialized in Hindu God Shiva or rather is among his manifestations.

Pokhara is basically a city that is placed 124 miles from Kathmandu , the Nepalese capital to live the 3rd biggest city after Kathmandu and Biratnagar . The capital city is reachable by mountain flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara . This is certainly also one on the most significant ways to find an exceptionally 1st glimpse from the mountain amounts that surround system the city.

Chitwan National Park is Nepal's major park found in 1973 . The park became a famous tourist destination in the country ever since, and in 1984 , the park was extended the status of World Heritage Online site .

Everest Traveling - it really is an excellent opportunity to have unique trekking knowledge in the Himalayas which is safe by the Sagarmatha National Park in eastern part in Nepal. sagarmatha national park is created on July 19, 1976, & was inscribed as a purely natural World Heritage Site in 1979 with a place of 1148 square kilometers.